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The Crucial POWER of the JEWISH GOD.

When people ponder about the appeal of Yahweh or Jehovah(or Allah for that matter), they generally focus on His monotheistic nature or his mercifulness. Through His oneness and goodness, He represents universal truth and morality for all men and for all times. True enough. But less discussed is His all-powerfulness which is the third element in the trinity of God’s greatness. The Jews have been credited with imagining a Single God imbued with Moral Sense, but no less important is that they imagined the most powerful God that could ever be conceived. Only the Hindu conception of gods is comparable, but as Hinduism is monist–millions of gods as manifestations of a common source–than monotheist, spiritual power is diffused among all the deities(whereas the Jewish God represents the ultimate concentration of power).
People naturally look for truth, wisdom, love, morality, and clarity(of the spirit) in religion; and indeed one can say Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have provided such to their followers. But religion has also been about power and fear. It was natural for mankind to be filled with fear(of whatever having power over us), especially since of most of human existence was defined by hardship and brutality. Dangerous animals, strange diseases, enemy tribes, storms, volcanos, drought, famine, tyrannical rulers, and other things terrified mankind–and do so to this day. Fear could inspire hate but also respect. That which was fearsome was also awesome. Since the truly fearsome forces or mysteries could not be defeated or understood by man, man bowed down to supplicate it. Primitive man even deified powerful animals which were near invincible. Man deified lightning and thunder and other awesome forces of nature. Eventually, man began to conceptualize these feelings into abstract spiritual ideas–finally leading to monotheism–and then further developed these ideas into moral principles.
The fearsome forces of nature were personified, the personified beings were moralized, and the moralized abstractions were unified. Naturally, even though man bowed down to power, he didn’t want to believe that power was purely arbitrary or amoral. He wanted to believe that even the gods were governed by some moral principles–or at least could be supplicated by certain offerings and services. Mankind admired and revered POWER but also feared that power and hoped to control it. But how do you control the gods or God? Who is little man to say what the great God or gods can or can’t do. This was the contradiction at the core of all religions: man wanted good or friendly gods, but man could have no say in it; man created the gods but also bowed down to his own creation(or imagination).
The brilliant Jews came with one way to resolve this crisis, mostly clearly expressed in the story of Abraham and Isaac. The great God, in all His mightiness, produces a miracle for Abraham. God allows old Sara to give birth to Isaac, dear beloved son to Abraham. But then God tells Abraham to sacrifice Isaac to God.
This is a rather devious story in the Bible because though it ostensibly seems to be about God’s power over Abraham and Abraham’s obedience before God, it is actually a story of God’s loss of authority. While it is true that Abraham obeys God and sets out to kill Isaac and then stops only when God tells him to, there is a something of a moral blackmail at the heart of this story. Consider that the Jewish God is not only powerful and demands fear & obedience BUT is also righteous and demands love & respect. If God orders Abraham to kill Isaac, He shall retain the fear and obedience, but He shall lose the love and respect. So, the story really puts God in a bind–much more so than Abraham is. The worst thing that can happen to Abraham is losing his son, but then ‘shit happens’ to all people and no one lives forever. But God is eternal and what He does shall blemish Him forever in the eyes of his worshipers.
This is a lesson Jews have learned and have applied to the White West. In the modern era, the White West become the god-like power around the world. But unlike previous or non-Western empires, it prided itself on virtue as well as on strength. White imperial expansion was not only predicated on search for power and wealth but also justified on spreading the light of Christianity, civilization, progress, and science. Its ambition was both material and spiritual. Western imperialists lorded over non-Westerners like gods and demanded supplication, service, and offerings–in the form of bounty produced by physical labor in mines, farms, and the like. In exchange, the god-like imperialists promised the non-Western masses the gift of civilization, enlightened rule, Christian love, and progress. In some places, this deal wasn’t so bad and indeed led to lots of progress for the natives. In other places, things turned out tragically, usually for the natives.
At any rate, Jews well understood that White Men had made themselves the gods of the new global order. Since the White Men had the superior numbers, superior technology and weapons, and most of the political and economic power(though, to be sure, Jews were no slouches in that area), their only vulnerability was in the realm of morality.
Just as God could not have retained the love and respect of Abraham if He pushed Abraham to kill Isaac, Jews figured that whites could not retain the love and respect of the world if they used their power to do whatever they pleased.
Just as even the all-powerful God had to obey moral rules in order to be a GOOD GOD, the most-powerful West had to obey moral rules if it wanted to win love and respect(or retain self-love and self-respect) as well as retain the fear and obedience among their non-white subjects.
Of course, this moral problem would have existed even without the Jews since Christianity was essentially out an outgrowth of Judaism. (After all, the ending of slavery in the Anglo-sphere world was the work of morally anguished gentiles, not of the Jews.) Anyway, the moral issue became the main brake on Western power as the yrs passed by, and Jews learned how to exploit it as the soft underbelly of White Power. Though there was little in Judaism that instilled Jews with guilt or conscience regarding non-Jews, there was much in Christianity that made one feel shame, doubt, and guilt for committing injustice even unto non-Christians. Jews came to understand this Christian mindset very well and sought to manipulate it in order to rein in the ‘excesses’ of white power. But when Jews pushed too far with communism and killed millions of Christians in the East, it led to a counter-movement of National Socialism which came to kill millions of Jews. Though there no direct link between rise of communism and rise of National Socialism, the success of the latter is unimaginable without the former. It was the fear of communism which drove many conservative elements to the Radical Right.
The Holocaust came to be regarded in the popular consciousness as the moment when the god of white power ordered the murder of Isaac. Unlike the Jewish God who decided to retain love and respect by sparing Isaac, it was as though the god of white power abandoned all moral principles and went only for white-might-is-always-right. Though Hitler was a neo-pagan god-man, the fact that the majority of the mostly Christian Germans supported him to the end also came to discredit the Christian God, at least in Europe. The Isaacing of the Jews in the Holocaust by the Christian West came to morally discredit the power of the West altogether.
The West had based its pride not only on its power but also on its goodness, but how good was a civilization that could carry out such horrors?
Of course, the real problem was not so much that the West was worse than the rest of the world–it certainly wasn’t–but that it had gained control of the world and acted superior in its godly wisdom and nobility. WWII and its bloodbath revealed the god of Western Power to be, at heart, all about ruthless power. Needless to say, this isn’t fair, as the Nazis were an anomaly than a norm in the West, but for most people, history is the Grand Narrative spun by those who control the culture, and our culture happens to be controlled by Jew and liberals. If the West lost its moral authority with WWII and the Holocaust, Jews should have lost it too with communism and the ongoing genocidal deracination of the white people. Joe Slovo is the moral equivalent of Heinrich Himmler. In some ways, he’s worse as he takes special pleasure in seeing civilized white people being robbed, raped, and murdered by South African black savages, but then Jews controlling the media say he’s a good man, which most dumb white people have come to believe.
Anyway, going back to the original issue, POWER is crucial to any concept of religion. No god or gods were conceived to be as powerful as the Jewish God. And if knowledge is power, no god was conceived to be as all-knowing as the Jewish God. In a world filled with fear, uncertainty, and anxiety, people understandably sought advice and protection from the most powerful beings or forces. If your small nation is under attack, you seek alliances with the most powerful nation. If you need help in your community, you call on the most powerful politician. If you are ill, you seek out the best doctor with the most powerful knowledge. When Ancient Greeks were in deep doo doo, they generally sought the help of the most powerful gods. If your city was under threat, it made more sense to pray to Zeus than to a nymph.
I was watching the JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS the other day and was reminded of the importance of the hierarchy of the gods. When Jason and his men got in big trouble, the needed the help of the most powerful gods. To be sure, no Greek god is all-powerful nor possess all the powers. Even the mighty Zeus doesn’t have the power of certain minor gods. Indeed, Zeus had to cajole, threaten, or plead with other gods to help or punish certain mortals when he can’t do it all by himself.
It was natural for all peoples to conceive of ever more powerful gods for their psychological and spiritual needs(which were indistinguishable from material needs through most of human existence since people literally believed in the supernatural.) Through the protection or blessings of the mightiest gods imaginable, people gained confidence in their own power. In some cultures, the gods became less moral as they became more powerful, which kind of made sense since why should powerful gods care much about moral hangups of ant-like humans? But in other cultures, the gods became more moral as they became more powerful. This too made sense since it was assumed that powerful gods were also filled with knowledge and wisdom, thus their power was guided by some purpose and design than merely haphazard or petulant–as that of a child.
Anyway, as more powerful gods came to be conceived, the weaker or vanquished ones became less relevant. In the Greek mythology, the Titans came to matter little once Olympians triumphed over them, and the top gods like Zeus, Apollo, Hera, and Athena mattered more than lesser ones. Same is true of technology and economics. We would rather purchase some well-known brand from a major corporation than some unknown stuff by a small company. We would rather have jet fighters than bi-planes in the Air Force. People wanna watch the top athletes in the NFL and NBA than highschool football or basketball.
Similarly, people hungered for mightier and more powerful gods. Strangely enough, one of the weakest tribes of the Ancient World came up with the mightiest conception of god ever. Perhaps, this made sense. A people who couldn’t win in the material world sought to win in the spiritual realm. The Jewish God was truly mighty. He wasn’t only eternal, all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-good but also claimed to be the ONE AND ONLY. He was not only more powerful than all the other gods but was supposed to be the ONLY god that ever existed. He was the Walmart of all the gods. He was a jealous God. You better worship Him and Him Only. Once this concept of God began to spread across humanity via universalized forms of Judaism such as Christianity and Islam, it was as unstoppable as Hollywood, MacDonalds, and Walmart are. Why should kings and commoners pray to lesser or false gods when they can and MUST pray to the greatest and most powerful God? And if this most powerful of gods says He is the Only God(and you better believe it or your ass is grass), there is no need for other gods.
So, the appeal of Jehovah and Allah to billions of people all over the world had much to His power. Suppose the Jews had conceived of a monotheistic god that was good and wise but not very powerful. Suppose in terms of power, he was only on the level of Odin or Apollo. Would he have been appealing to people all over the world on that basis alone? We like to see good guys in movies but we also want them to be POWERFUL good guys. Yoda is good but also very masterful. So, even though Jews like to stress and take pride in the goodness and oneness of the God they created, the truth is their God was partly the imaginative product of Jewish power-lust, a fact which Jews de-emphasize since Jews don’t want us to see them as being power-obsessed, which they are.
In today’s word, the white god-men have been replaced by the Jewish god-men. Jews not only have great wealth, political power, and cultural influence–as whites once used to–, but they’ve also come to monopolize moral power. Jews usurped the elite power that white gentiles once had, but they’ve also inherited eternal saintliness from the Holocaust. Jews, like their God, have become both all-powerful and all-good–or so they want us to believe. Unlike the hypocritical white imperialists who claimed to be both powerful and good but turned out to be only powerful but not good, Jews pose as the perfect people who are both brilliantly powerful and nobly good. Through the Holocaust, Jews have stolen the crucifixion myth from the Christians. Christians believed that Jesus was God murdered by men, especially the Jews. Holocaustianity tells us that Jews are the Chosen of God murdered by Christians. Since modern Jews are secular and worship themselves than God, many Jews are likely to see the Holocaust as the murder of Jewish godmen–godlike since Jews are smarter and know more/better than those with ‘goyishe kop’.
Paradoxically, power has a direct connection to weakness, as does strength to suffering. We’ve all heard the expression, NO PAIN NO GAIN. In primitive tribes, young men must go through horrendous rituals of suffering to enter manhood. Hindu yogis undergo horrifying bodily transformations to reach higher spiritual states. For a body builder to become big and strong, he must pump lots of iron and suffer much pain. For a boxer to win the championship, he must get punched in the face 1000s of times. To suffer and survive means you or your people are made of tougher stuff, and no people have survived as long as the Jews. The survival of the Jews has meant the survival of the Jewish God, or perhaps the survival of the Jewish God has meant the survival of the Jews.
At any rate, could it be merely a coincidence that Jews (culturally) survived longer than any other people and conceived of the most powerful God? In the 20th century, anywhere from ½ to 2/3 of all European Jews were killed during WWII, yet Jews are now the most powerful people in the world. Even nations without Jews are controlled by Jewish intellectual thought since their leaders and intellectuals have come under the influence of Jewish thinkers and theoreticians. Even people who dislike Jews consume Jewish or Jewish-dominated medicine, hightech, movies, books, music, etc.
The story of Odysseus is moving because he gets battered and whupped left and right but still manages to survive and return home. In all these stories, we have power & weakness OR strength & suffering closely intertwined. It’s like you can’t have one without the other. This is also true of the story of Jesus. Though He got beat up real bad and crucified, the Christian myth says He triumphed over all that and ascended to Heaven. In the end, Jesus beat those who beat him. By taking all the pain like a man–indeed like a god-man–, He proved His superiority over common man. So, it’s natural that there is an almost reverential & spiritual respect for Jews and blacks. Not only are whites burdened with guilt for having oppressed them but blacks and Jews seem to have survived the pain and suffering and are growing ever stronger and more powerful while the white race seems to be in decline. There may be a similar fascination with the Chinese, a people who possibly suffered more than any other in the last two centuries. But it seems like they weathered the storm and are now growing into a superpower.
Well, history is funny that way.

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