Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Reason Why So Many Jews Are Angry and Left though They Are the Most Successful People in the World.

It may seem odd that there are so many angry and bitter left-wing Jews when Jews are the most successful people in America. Even most leftist Jews make more money than most conservative white Americans. Some of the richest people in America are leftist Jews with innovative ideas, professional connections, and business acumen. And, even non-business leftist Jews do quite well in journalism, education, academia, and other institutions of power and influence. So, why are there so many angry Jews? It’s easier understand why many blacks are angry. They are on the bottom and understandably feel resentful toward those who earn or have more. And, one would expect a lot of Mexican-Americans to be angry and bitter too, but in fact your average Mexican-American–even if poor–is less likely to be as bitter and angry as a lot of affluent Jews who happen to be leftist.
Some of the reasons for Jewish anger seems obvious. The Book of the Jews stresses moralism, and a severely judgmental outlook has defined Jewishness. The Bible is filled with prophets condemning the Jews and mankind for this transgression, that sin, and whatever else. Even as most Jews became secular, this aspect of Jewishness remained and shaped their intellectual and moral development in the modern world. In this sense, Karl Marx could be regarded as essentially a modern Jewish prophet carrying on the long proud tradition.
Another reason for the angry and activist Jewish mindset is the widespread poverty that had been prevalent especially among Eastern European Jews in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Not all Jews were rich bankers, lawyers, or doctors; many Jews struggled to make ends meet. Thus, there has long been a certain distrust between rich successful Jews and the less fortunate ones–although there has also been much collusion between Jewish capitalists and leftists. To the extent that much of modern Jewish thought and identity were formed during this period, the culture of radicalism and activism still colors much of the Jewish community.
But, there are also the factors of high intelligence, the vanity of self-pride, and the culture of contempt so integral to what it means to be Jewish. Since Jews are smarter than non-Jews, even relatively unsuccessful or less wealthy Jews tend to have an higher opinion of themselves than most other peoples do. A middle class white person can be content with a job and home in the suburbs. A Mexican-American can be happy with a steady job, an apartment, picnics in the park, and lots of tacos to chubby up his kids. A Negro is a wilder kind of creature, but supply him with enough watermelons, bling blings, and ass-shaking music(and maybe a basketball), and he can be pretty happy in a child-like manner too. But, Jews never seem very happy even when they got many times more wealth and/or power than us. As far as the Jew is concerned, ‘enough’ is never enough. Since they have a very high opinion of themselves as intelligent and superior, they desire more money, power, or influence. Thus, even a reasonably successful Jewish college professor feels he should lead and be teaching at TOP colleges; he thinks he should have as much power and influence as rich billionaire Jews. Thus, leftist Jews in government and academia want more and more power. They see themselves as the best of the best, and as such, deserving of more and more respect and power over the rest of us.
When Jews believed in God, they were instilled with some degree of humility. But, ever since Jews rejected God, each Jew began to see himself as a god or God Himself. Indeed, one can ever argue that the righteous, intolerant, contemptuous, and arrogant God of the Old Testament is essentially the projection of the collective Jewish personality. It could be that Jews needed this God in order for cooperate since each Jew had such a high opinion of himself. If most other cultures had a pharaoh(or some such leader) and the masses willing to bow before him, every Jew thought he should be the pharaoh. Thus, Jews needed an abstract God who demanded collective humility on the part of ALL Jews. The creation of Yahweh was a subconscious contract among individual Jews not to seek total power and mastery over all the other Jews. Social order could be less stable among ancient Hebrews because the Jews were generally less slavish and more assertive than other peoples. Since each Jew thought he was the best, the only way to infuse him with some humility was through faith and obedience in the Great Lord. In the movie 10 COMMANDMENTS, Moses has one hell of a difficult time making Jews follow his lead. Thus, he has to invoke God over and over.
Seen from this angle, the creation of the Jewish God was a subconscious agreement among Jews that there is an higher being above themselves; otherwise, each Jew would have debated endlessly with other Jews as to who knew best and should rule the community.
Higher intelligence can mean greater wisdom, but it can also mean greater contempt for those deemed less intelligent, knowledgeable, or wise.
Though Jews profess to be ‘progress’ and egalitarian, the fact is many Jews really do look down on us dumb goyim–which is justifiable to some extent since many goyim are indeed dumb as a doorknob. Just look at John Hagee, that stupid hippopotamus. Sarah Palin and her followers aren’t exactly the intellectual creme of the crop either. And every time Jewish Hollywood and music industry spew out new garbage, you have countless dumb goyim lapping it all up. So, the smarter Jews indeed do look down on us–justifiably or unjustifiably.
But, having such contempt based on the arrogance of high intelligence and moral narcissism(based on the religion of Holocaust Remembrance), most Jews don’t like to be in an inferior position of any kind. Thus, there are lots of Jews who are angry that there are people better off and richer than they are. To an extent, the relatively less successful Jews feel great deal of communal pride in the magnitude of Jewish success, and indeed most Jews will stick together in regards to the non-Jewish community. But among Jews themselves, the lesser Jews are bitterly resentful of the greater Jews. Of course, lesser Jews–those with less power or money–cannot honestly admit that they are resentful or envious of richer or more powerful Jews. No, they must conceal their resentment with a lot of hogwash about ‘social justice’ and ‘progress’. Thus, leftist Jews like Naomi Klein and Noam Chomsky will say they are against capitalism and the rich because they care for The People. Saul Alinsky pulled the same shit.
Many of these lesser Jews have, in time, become greater Jews. Naomi Klein is a millionaire in her own right after a series of best-sellers. And, Chomsky too is a very rich man. But, since they’ve specialized in fields that generally don’t turn people into gazillionaires, they still see themselves as underdog Jews fighting for underdogs all over the world.
In reality, there is a kind of intra-Jewish battle between the book-keeping Jews–the profit-driven Jews–and the book-reading Jews–prophet-inspired Jews. It may be that Jews like Klein and Chomsky could have made a lot of money in business or computers or whatever, but they chose the academic or the ideological fields. They did so out of their own volition, desire, and pleasure–because they wanted to. They could and should have been happy pursuing their careers, but their Jewish nature made them want to stick their big noses into the business of everyone else. Since, they see themselves as intellectually superior to non-Jews and morally superior to Jews-who-only-care-about-money, they feel they should have the most power. Since their power don’t generally come by the way of business, they turn to political, social, and cultural agitation. Though many young people have been ‘inspired’ by Noam Chomsky or Naomi Klein, the fact is they are mere puppets serving the vanities of contemptuous and rotten radical Jews who want to monopolize power, influence, and virtue.
It’s amusing that so many non-Jews who fall behind the likes of Chomsky or Klein never ask themselves, "How come I can’t think for myself? How come I have to be a sheep of Jewish intellectuals?" The slavish dimwit goyim who worship Ayn Rand on the ‘right’ aren’t much better.
To know the true nature and source of Jewish ideas, one must study the Jewish personality and emotional character. There is cultural Jewishness but also biological Jewishness as the Jewish bloodline remained relatively pure over the centuries. A certain kind of personality prevails among Jews more than among other peoples. This personality came to shape much of Jewish religion and historiography. And even when Jews dropped the religious tenets of Judaism, their Jewish personality remained. Though there have been some converts to Judaism, Jewishness has been as much about blood as about faith. Thus, it can be said there is a Jewish race–or sub-race–in the way there can be no Christian or Muslim race. Thus, what post-religious Jews share with religious Jews is the same personality and genetic attributes. Of course, not all Jews have the same personality, and ‘Jewish traits’ may be found among non-Jews. But, Jews generally have more of certain traits than other groups. For whatever reason, Jews grew to be highly intelligent, devious, witty, subversive, distrusting, arrogant, contemptuous, creative, penetrating, wise, weasely, and sly. Some of these attributes can be found in other peoples in spades, but the combination of these elements among Jews tend to be better calibrated for maximum impact. In other words, you need worry less about being conned by a dumb Polack than by a smart Jew.
People with higher opinion of themselves tend to become angrier, more resentful, and more bitter if they feel that their power or influence isn’t commensurate to their talent or worth. Thus, Germans were especially bitter about the rise of Jewish power. Germans, having high opinions of themselves, suffered a bigger blow to their collective ego and pride when Jews outperformed them in many top-level professions and endeavors. And, this explains the venomousness of French antisemitism as well as the French were also full of themselves. It was one thing to allow Jews to assimilate and accept them as equal citizens but quite another to observe the small Jewish minority grow fabulously rich and powerful, indeed much more so than the gentile elites.. Japanese too went crazy in the 20th century because they saw themselves as a great people and felt their power should match their innate greatness. And, this is why we should be watching China carefully since China has long entertained a self-image as the ‘Middle Kingdom’ but then suffered a great blow to his cultural vanity with the arrival of Western gunboats and incursions of Japanese imperialism. There is a degree of vanity and arrogance in American Exceptionalism, but most Americans have a live-and-let-live view of the world unless US is attacked by a foreign power.
Jews, in contrast, are bound to be the most resentful people in the world since they justifiably consider themselves to be the smartest people on Earth–by a light year–and half-justifiably see themselves as a long suffering people victimized by various gentile peoples. On top of that, Jews never had a country of their own for a very long time before the creation of Israel, and even Israel is small and faces an uncertain future.
Jews do control and own much of the United States, but they are still only 2% of the population. China may still be poor, but over a billion people own a big chunk of land to call their own. Russia may be going through hard times, but Russians own a giant piece of real estate. Except in Israel, Jews are a small minority in all the other countries–and there is no guarantee that Jews will be the majority in Israel indefinitely. Thus, Jews are bound to feel bitter, angry, resentful, beleaguered, and paranoid. They are so intelligent, so creative, so innovative, and so brilliant, yet they only have a dinky little country to call their own–surrounded by hostile nations and unloved by most–and they are vastly outnumbered by the goyim in all the other countries. Even in nations where they are successful, Jews feel that all their wealth and power may vanish at the drop of the hat if the goyim lose faith in Holocaustianity and see Jews as a bunch of Ron Jeremys or Bernie Madoffs.
Thus, it is not surprising that smart, rich, influential, and powerful Jewish minority would seek to maintain as much control and influence over the majority population as possible and also to cut every other group ‘down to size’. Jews are filled with envy and resentment. In the US, they seek to maintain domination by dividing the white race down the middle. This way, proud white nationalism is undercut by self-abnegating white liberalism. Jews also seek to increase the number of non-whites so as to use ‘divide and rule’ among the various races. Jews want to break the spine of white American unity and power for good so that Jews may rule America forever. As long as there is a solid white majority, whites can unite–if white liberals wake up from their suicidal doldrums–and take on the Jew. But, once whites are no longer a sizable majority in the country–and even fated to be a minority–, it won’t matter even if 100% of whites turn into white nationalists since their wishes can be overridden by the black and non-white majority funded and manipulated by Jews. Jews were ecstatic about the rise of Obama not because they saw a dawn of a ‘progressive’ era but because they saw it as a sign that the back of White America is near breaking point. After the back is broken, White America will be paralyzed from neck down and won’t be able to unite head, torso, and legs to take on the power of the Jews and non-whites. The Jews are giggling with hideous glee over the fact that so many white American males have been castrated into metro-sexual suckers of Jewish dick and so many white American females have been voodoo-ized to give their bodies to Negroes and give birth to Obama-babies–just when the white population is declining precipitously.
Anyway, though Jews are always preaching to us about how we on the White Right are motivated by the politics of resentment, no people have been as resentful as the Jews. A lot of ugly Jewish women have been resentful over the fact that gentile women are prettier. A lot of nebbish Jewish men have been resentful over the fact that gentile are physically tougher. Of course, there are pretty Jewish women and strong Jewish men, but the ugly mugly Jewish women and nebbish shmebbish Jewish men, due to their high intelligence, have never been able to just accept the fact that they are ugly or weak and get on with life–like most ugly or gimpy Mexicans, Chinese, and whites do.
Their higher intelligence has motivated ugly and/or weak Jews to seek power like the Nibelung creatures in Wagner’s operas. Just consider Woody Allen. He’s an ugly and weakling Jew, but his higher intelligence and sharp wit have made him sensitive to his disadvantages, and he has cleverly used them to uglify and weaken much of white gentile culture. If a Jew cannot get something, he must find some way to subvert or undermine it. For centuries, the Talmud taught Jews to spit, piss, and shit on the goy order–if only behind goy’s back. Thus, Jewish men who lusted after blonde and blue eyed goddesses sought to turn them into drug addicts, porn stars, and sex slaves of jungle fever. Jewish men jealous of the bigger and stronger white males took pleasure in promoting and watching gorilla-powered black males destroy the white male in body and soul. An arrogant sense of superioritism motivates the Jew to do this. Even the ugliest and most pitiful Jew feels that since he’s smarter–and a noble victim of the Holocaust–, he has a right to enter the Sacred Hall of Power and Wealth. If the doors are apparently shut to him, then the Jew will use whatever means to tear and burn down the entire Hall. To be sure, this kind of resentment and vindictiveness has been universal in all peoples and cultures. The mythologies of various peoples tell many stories of vengeance. But, no people are as successful in sharpening and plying their resentment as the Jews are.
There was a time when aspiring Jew found the top echelons of power shut to them by the gentile powers-that-be. For example, even as the kings and noblemen across Europe came to rely on Jewish bankers, scientists, and doctors, there were certain areas of power which remained shut off to the Jews. So, a lot of Jews felt a great deal of resentment toward the gentile powers-that-be, and the more radical elements sought to undermine the entire goy system.
Today, many of the top corridors and sanctums of power are controlled by the Jews, especially in America. Look at the top media networks, Wall Street, the Fed, and academia, and it’s like a Jew Fortress. Thus, Jews no longer need to feel the kind of resentment they used to against the gentile elites who’d kept the REAL power to themselves.
Today, it’s a matter of lesser Jews feeling envious and bitter about greater Jews. So, we have the superrich Jews chanting the mantra of Milton Friedman and awash in oceans of wealth, AND we have other lesser Jews still invoking Marx to challenge the power of the greater Jews. Of course, the really clever Jews play both ways. Thus, George Soros is a vile stinking rich Jewish shark but funds leftist-Jewish causes either to appropriate and control them or to use them ‘hide’ his wealth. When a rich guy lavishly funds ‘progressive’ causes, he’s less likely to come under liberal media scrutiny since his money is considered to be do. It is a form of bribery. Or, it could be that Soros is vain enough to think that he can have the cake and eat it too–be a stinking rich capitalist AND a holier-than-thou revolutionary. And why not? Just look at all those stinking rich and crass millionaires and billionaires in Hollywood who really think they are political saints and ‘progressive’ heroes. Look at Armand Hammer who served commies on the one hand and made billions in America on the other.
Anyway, one thing we must realize is that resentment is a natural thing. It is a form of fear and envy that must be controlled, but it is natural and should not be denied. So, when Jews admonish white gentiles for their culture of resentment, just tell the Jews to shut the hell up. While it is true that many white gentiles do feel resentment–toward stronger blacks who can punch harder, run faster, or ‘sing & dance better’; toward Jews who are smarter and more successful; toward Asians who outperform the lesser or ‘trashier’ white elements–, whites are no different than other groups. Blacks feel a lot of resentment too–not just against whites but against Hispanics, Asians, and Jews. (Though blacks and Jews are opportunistic political allies, they don’t really like one another though many liberal Jews fantasize that they do by imagining the ideal Negro than dealing with the real one. Indeed, it is the presence of the large white middle in America that binds Jews and blacks together into as a force against the common white enemy. It’s too bad that whites don’t unite against this godforsaken alliance of Jews and blacks.)
In some ways, black resentment is like Jewish resentment. Jews feel they are intellectually superior and therefore should rule society. They feel frustrated and resentful over the fact that they are outnumbered, less attractive, and less physically imposing than other peoples.
Blacks feel that they should rule society since they are the baddest, coolest, toughest, and have the biggest penises or bounciest buttocks. If Jews rely on BRAINS as their main weapon, it’s the FIST with the blacks. So, there is the whole gangsta rap music and sports culture among the blacks. Since blacks are intellectually lacking, they tend to rely more on physicality and musicality as the basis for their superiority. But, it just so happens that modern society is more about brains than brawn. Indeed, even athletes would be nowhere without smart businessmen to create and expand the sports franchises. Of course, there are smart blacks–especially those with some white blood–, but a lot of blacks aren’t smart enough to gain power the brainy way. Therefore, a lot of blacks are bitter and resentful. According to the logic within the black world, the people who are toughest, baddest, and the coolest–the brothas and sistaz–should rule. Indeed, that seems to be the case in many crime-infested black communities where badass muscle power rules the streets. But, in the larger community, brains and discipline(and diligence) are what matter most, and blacks lack those attributes.
One might think Jews and blacks would be natural enemies since Jewish advantage is intellectual whereas the black advantage is physical. Yet, they’ve formed a perverse alliance based on MORAL superiority. According to the liberal or ‘progressive’ narrative, the greatest villains of history are white gentile Christian folks, and their primary victims have been blacks–slavery–and Jews–the Holocaust. Never mind that blacks had been murdering and enslaving one another for 100,000s of yrs in the Dark Continent. Never mind that it was blacks who caught and sold other blacks to whites. Never mind that a lot of Jews bought and sold European slaves to the Middle East. Never mind that Jews owned a lot of slave ships during the Atlantic Slave Trade. Never mind that Jewish communists played a key role in the mass killing of millions of white gentiles. Never mind all that. The people who’ve taken control of the media and academia are the liberal Jews and their dingbat wasp running dogs. Thus, the whole of history has been reduced to EVIL WHITES OPPRESSED NOBLE BLACKS AND WONDERFUL JEWS. Thus, as long as EVIL AND GUILTY whites remain the majority in the US, blacks and Jews will forge an alliance of moral superiority, narcissism, and bullying to destroy the white race. However, this alliance is NOT natural. If US were made up of only Jews and blacks, they would not be friends but bitter enemies, just like Jews and Palestinians are. Jews would be afraid of and feel contempt for the rowdy savage blacks, and badass blacks will look upon the Jews as filthy rich greedy-ass mothafuckas who be hoarding all the dough!!
Anyway, don’t let the Jew fool you into thinking that your feelings of resentment are unhealthy, unnatural, or evil. While it is true that uncontrolled resentment and envy can be venomous and negative, a constructive channeling of such emotions can be a big plus to white people. Indeed, it is fear, resentment, anxiety, and envy which have often driven people to greatness. In the 18th and 19th centuries, France and Britain were highly competitive and resentful of the rise of the other. Indeed, one of the reasons why the West developed faster than Asia is there was no dominant power to rule the entire continent; thus, there was more mutual fear and resentment among the various kingdoms and states, and this fueled competition, innovation, and progress. There was no China or something like the Mogul Empire that ruled India. Rather, Europe was divided into many kingdoms and principalities which competed with one another. Fear and resentment of rivals and enemies was one of the driving forces of innovation.
Similarly, Japan had been more innovative prior to unification as the various warring clans sought to learn the latest military technology from the West in order to defeat their rivals. Once Japan was unified, it slowly stagnated under the Tokugawas. Japan finally woke up and began to make progress only in the latter part of the 19th century when its territory was intruded upon by the West. This threat made the Japanese anxious, fearful, and resentful of the more advanced West. It also made the Japanese admiring of the nations that were stronger than Japan, and Japan determined to learn and catch up. It was also resentment which led to the American Revolution. American colonialists hated the fact that they were not accorded the same respect and rights as British citizens.
China stagnated for a long time because it was SATISFIED and SATIATED as the Middle Kingdom. It was only when China came under threat from other nations that the Chinese were filled with fear and resentment and driven to action and change. Russia similarly stagnated over a long period compared to other European nations because its vast spaces and lack of sufficient threat made the Russians complacent. Russia only begin to make real progress and changes when it began to feel the pressure from the rising power of the West.
Thus, resentment is the fuel of empowerment. The trick is to control and use it correctly. If used unwisely, it can lead to crazy movements like Al Qaeda, communism, or Nazism. But, used correctly, it can lead to positive movements such as the American Revolution, French Revolution(at least before things got out of hand), and the rise of Japan(before the stupid militarists took over and drove the nation over the cliff).
Don’t believe what the Jews(and blacks) tell you. Jews will have us believe that Jews have been motivated only by a sense of fairness, justice, and progress. Bullshit! Jews were motivated mostly by resentment which they disguised with nice sounding ideas, values, and principles. A lot of Jewish women turned to radical feminism because they were UGLY. A lot of Jews supported were motivated by resentment and hate because some rich gentile said, "you can’t marry my daughter" or "you can’t join our country club".
Jews also turned to leftism because their intellectual arrogance made them feel superior to everyone else and entitled to rule all of society. Thus, whenever a Jew doesn’t have the power of a Lenin or Stalin, he or she gets all pissed. Of course, many lesser Jews feel resentment toward the richer Jews. So, you have leftist Jewish journalists ragging on and on about Wall Street and Hollywood Jews. But, all said and done, most Jews will stick together since they figure that the REAL ENEMY is the white gentile. How foolish then for most white gentiles to look upon Jews as their friends?
Blacks have also been motivated by resentment. Sure, what Rosa Parks did was perfectly understandable. Why should anyone have to give up his or her seat to another person on a bus? It was indeed true that segregation in the south was NOT ‘separate but equal.’ Even so, blacks were also motivated by something other than fairness and justice. Many blacks didn’t simply demand equality but superiority over the non-blacks. Blacks have long felt that they should be the real masters of society since they can kick everyone’s ass and blow the trumpet faster. Black men have long felt resentment over the fact that they were denied the white meat of white women. Black men felt they were entitled to have ‘prime pussy’ since they are the studliest dudes while ‘white boys’ are a bunch of pear-shaped flabby ‘pussy-ass mothafuckas’. Indeed, you can hear blacks talk like this all over the place and openly. Of course, black women felt resentment too over the fact that while white women were desired by black men, most men were not attracted to black women. Sure, black women had nice bodies and could shake their booties faster/harder than most, but their faces looked ape-like and their voices–though capable of hitting the high notes–often sounded like some wild jive-ass howling monkey in heat.
Therefore, much of what has motivated many groups toward action and ‘empowerment’ has been rooted in a sense of resentment. Whether it’s call for more liberty or more entitlement, resentment has fueled the flames. People hate or are envious of those who have more, especially if they are of another group. The reason why so many Muslims hate Israel isn’t simply because Israel is RICHER than Muslim nations. It’s because JEWISH ISRAEL is richer.
And, Jews feel resentment toward China because there are lots of Chinese in a large country. Indeed, the Chinese may come to confront Jewish power in the future. Indeed, with the West now firmly in the hands of Jewish power–and the Middle East occupied and clobbered by the West(especially America)–, the ONLY power standing in the way of total Jewish domination is China. Jews now control almost all of America. White Americans are mostly running dogs of Jewish foreign and domestic policy. If Jews tell Americans to go and kill Muslims, dumb white Americans will do just that. If Jews tell white Americans to hate Russia and start another Cold War–mainly because Putin reined in the Jewish oligarchs–, dumb white Americans will do just that. If Jews say it’s ‘racist’ to oppose OPEN BORDERS and ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, most white Americans are too afraid to object. If Jews tell young people to embrace ‘gay marriage’, young people do so. If Jewish cultural doctors insist that white males must be psychologically castrated, white gentile parents make sure that their sons have their psychological balls cut off just like Jewish babies are circumcised in the cradle. (Of course, whereas circumcision strengthens the sense of Jewishness, castration weakens the sense of whiteness.) Thus, white boys grow up worshiping Michael King–aka Martin Luther King Jr–and convince themselves that it’s okay for white girls to go off with Negroes and leave white boys behind as a bunch of quasi-faggots addicted to porn where blacks hump white broads. So, white boys aren’t bothered by the fact that white women are all cheering for black athletes and ogling at black Hollywood stars promoted by the Jews. What a bunch of pussy-boys, right? Financially, culturally, and politically, America belongs to the Jews, and most Jews are ‘progressive’ or radical. The Middle East may be mostly Muslim, but it’s too backward and stupid to mount any challenge to Jewish power. Africa too belongs to the Jews since the Jewish globalists have promised the black Africans that if they participate in the New World Order devised by Jews, they’ll be rewarded with lots of global welfare. India may not be pro-Jewish but as its culture and history owe a lot to the West, it too be can be seen in many ways as part of the Jewish-dominated Western world. Why do Thomas Friedman and the venal Jews at The New Republic(or Jew Republic) have a hard on for India? Because both Indian entrepreneurs and intellectuals have been profoundly influenced by the global Western elite. Indeed, India is the geo-political creation of the West. Since the West is now ruled by the Jews, India is bound to be closer to the West than China ever will be. Though India will never be a puppet of Jewish power like the West has become, there is a certain understanding between Jews and the Indian elite. Also, no matter how rich and powerful they become, both Jews and Asian-Indians can always pull out the we-were-victims-of-white-imperialism-or-racism card. Both groups can grow rich by doing business with or in the West, all the while guilt-baiting white gentiles for more concessions and apologies(which never seem to stop).
China, on the other hand, is a different animal altogether. China, unlike India, was not the geopolitical invention of the West. And despite the process of modernization, Chinese intellectuals and politicians are not mere wanna-be imitations of the West–like so many Indian thinkers, writers, and politicians are. Also, China feels NO GUILT regarding the Holocaust whatsoever. If anything, Jews need to feel guilty for having spread communism, a disease which even came to infect China. The current Chinese regime still goes by the name of communism, but China is essentially a nationalist power. Thus, it’s one nation that the Jews cannot really touch. Ths is why the Jews are trying to engineer the fall of China. Jews encouraged the Chinese invest heavily in US bonds. By making the Fed print a megaton of paper money, the Jews are turning Chinese dollar holdings into worthless paper. Venality is something essential to modern Jews.
Jews are also remaking RED DAWN, with the Chinese invading America. The purpose is to make Americans see China(a nation hated by Jews) as a bitter enemy, and most white conservative and right-winger types will take the bait. Fuming about China while watching this dumb movie, white right-wingers will miss the bigger picture: that US is already the occupied zone of Jewish power, and it’s the Jews, not the Chinese, who are cutting the balls off of white men, encouraging white women to go with Negroes, and opening borders wide open to the Third World so as to undermine white power. No wonder Jews hold white conservatives in such contempt. White conservatives are SO easy to manipulate and distract.
Of course, Chinese are no saints. They are mostly cruel dog-eating lowlifes, but the White Right must use the Chinese–and the Iranians–against the Jews in the way that Jews use other peoples against white folks.

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